The Benefits Of An Oil Change

Every driver must go through an oil change at regular intervals when they own a vehicle. It’s one of the aspects of keeping your vehicle in good condition, and it’s an important aspect at that. Why are oil changes so beneficial, though? What do they do? And why is it bad if we don’t get them on time?

  • oil changes take the dirty oil out and replace it with fresh, clean oil. This means that all of the dirt, grime, and sludge that has accrued over the thousands of miles you have driven will be removed.
  • when you change out dirty oil you increase your fuel efficiency (since the dirt and sludge that was making your engine less efficient is removed)
  • when you change your oil your engine lubrication levels are returned to normal. Dirty oil can reduce engine lubrication, creating more friction and heat which ultimately hurts your engine in the long run.

If you would like to learn more about oil changes, or about servicing your vehicle in general, we invite you to visit us at Larry H. Miller Nissan Highlands Ranch, located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our team is here to assist you with all of your vehicle needs!

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