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Batteries - Preventing & Diagnosing a Battery Issue

Did you know that batteries normally have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years maximum? The goal being replace your battery BEFORE you have problems. Stop in Larry H. Miller Nissan Highlands Ranch,1320 Plum Valley Lane, 80129. Let us check your battery's health for free. 

Your car battery is dependent on three components; your alternator, starter, and battery terminals. An old battery may not offer any obvious symptoms, but can have a negative impact on the parts depending on it, and slowly be adding additional repairs on your engine. 

So what if you find yourself behind the eight ball on a cold Winter morning?

Engine Cranks, but doesn't start.

If your engine is turning over, but won't start, it's likely that the battery is the problem. Don't let this symptom be mistaken for a bad starter or an alternator problem. Keep in mind that your battery may read as "good" under amperage, but it's voltage is compromised by what your vehicle needs to run efficiently.

When you find that your car won't start, you'll want to use jumper cables to get your vehicle running again. Follow that by letting it run for at least 30 minutes.  After the 30 minutes, the real test comes:  Turn off your engine, wait a minute, then start it again.  Do this two or three times to make sure the next time you stop you won't be stranded with a dead battery. Assuming it passed this test, most batteries will recharge from the alternator and be fine for a day or two--use this time wisely and drive your car into Larry H. Miller Nissan Highlands Ranch to replace your battery.

No Lights, No Starting, or Cranking. 
If your vehicle doesn't even have the juice to work the lights, crank, or turn over, it may be a combination of problems involving your alternator and battery.

One minute it starts, then the next minute it won't.
Also referred to as an intermittent problem, it may be a sign that your battery terminals are loose, broken, calcified, or corroded. Let us check your battery for free, even if the terminals are just a little loose it can still wreak big problems.

Don't let your battery get past it's prime. When in doubt-- let us check it out!

Let us Check Your Battery for Free