The Nissan Leaf In Denver

The next level of electric car technology is here. The new Nissan Leaf is available in Highlands Ranch. Purchase a Nissan Leaf today!
The Leaf has been revamped and remastered to do one thing. Be the best electronic car on the market. A few of the improvements are: Longer battery life, lower price, all new design, intelligent power, intelligent driving, intelligent integration, one-pedal driving and improved safety technology.

Longer Range
There has been a 40% increase in battery life. In the past, the Leaf featured a 30kWh battery that had a 107mi battery life. In the new Nissan Leaf, the battery has been buffed up to a 40kWh battery that provides 150mi battery life. Now you can spend less time charging and more time on the go.

Lower Price
Starting at $29,990 MSRP the new Nissan Leaf is $690 less expensive than the 2017 Nissan Leaf. With more upgrades than you can count all for a lower price, the MY18 Leaf is a steal of a deal.

All New Design
The exterior of the Leaf features a Nissan V-motion grille, boomerang tail lamps, and floating roof. The interior is redesigned with Nissan Gliding Wing form instruction panels for a clean and modern design. The shape of the Leaf has also been streamlined with improved aerodynamics that helps improve range efficiency and keeps the car stable in crosswinds.

Intelligent Power
The new Nissan Leaf in Highlands Ranch has been hitting the gym. Compared to the older versions of the Leaf, the new Leaf offers 37% more horsepower (147 vs. 107 hp) and 26% more torque (236 vs. 187 lbs-ft). There is also an added responsive acceleration from the all new e-powertrain.

Intelligent Driving
ProPILOT Assist helps guide the Leaf on the highway to make driving easier and less stressful. The ProPILOT system will follow the car in front of you and maintain a safe distance while keeping the vehicle centered in the lane. It also allows the vehicle to come to a full stop and then resume driving without intervention from the driver.

Intelligent Integration
NissanConnect Services includes Remote Lock/unlock, Speed Alert, Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Call, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are all available in the new 2018 Nissan Leaf. New NissanConnect EV smartphone and wearable apps allow you to control the a/c, begin charging, and play your route from your phone.

One-Pedal Driving
You read that right. In the new Nissan Leaf in Highlands Ranch, you only need one peddle to drive. The new e-pedal mode reduces fatigue in traffic, by utilizing regenerative braking to minimize the need to switch between accelerator and brake pedals. Nissan has developed the technology to let the vehicle come to a complete stop (and hold) without even touching the brake pedal. However, the brake pedal can still be used at anytime for conventional braking.

Safety Technology
The new Leaf has been upgraded with safety features including AEB radar to detect motion ahead of the vehicle and can also apply the brakes to avoid collisions. The BSW has been added that is an indicator in the driver's or passengers side door when a vehicle is directed in the blind spot area. RCTA allows the vehicle to notify the driver of an oncoming car when backing out of a parking space.

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