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2018 Nissan Titan Review & Compare - Denver CO

New Nissan Titan Review Denver

Wait, You're Telling me That's a Nissan?

When a Titan is driving ahead of you, you might think "oh, it's just another pickup truck," but where you would be mistaken is that it is just another pickup truck; that particular pickup truck isn't made by Ford, Chevrolet, or Ram, but by Nissan instead. It is a bold move to go up against over 250 combined years of experience making trucks, but Nissan has entered a strong competitor that finds a core group of customers to be loyal. Fitting into the market above its smaller Frontier pickup option, the full-size, light-duty Nissan Titan, and its larger Titan XD counterpart, offer enough power, style, and options (boasting 10 trim choices, each with 3 possible bed lengths and 3 cab options) to fit the needs of an average American in a pickup truck.

Titan XD Finds a Home in the Nissan Lineup

New Nissan Titan Review

Not to be confused with a separate trim option, the Titan XD is a whole separate model from the Titan. While the bodies are eerily similar (literally identical), their capabilities are very clear. The standard V8 engine option was not enough for the Titan XD, it also offers a diesel engine option to allow for competition with the more well-known truck models. Seeing that the Titan XD is directly competing with the top competitors, it is worth mentioning that the power isn't class-leading, but offers enough for what the average American wants a pickup to be able to do. The average American doesn't need a truck that can tow farm equipment or carry industrial piping as cargo, which is why the comfort offered by the Titan draws customers to it.

A New Level of Interior Design

Inside of the Titan you will see where Nissan distinguishes itself from other pickup trucks. A steering-column mounted shift lever frees up room between the seats to allow for a less cluttered center column. The options that you choose your Titan to come with will determine how many buttons, knobs, and switches are included. From the simple radio screen that'll get the job done all the way up to a premium interior featuring knobs that you want to use but don't want to mess up a setting that you didn't even know existed. Upgrades can also feature a practical navigation system, camera display, and the relevant (and irrelevant) vehicle information coming from an over-sized screen.

Our average American will appreciate all of the extras and comfort features that "true pickup drivers" might scoff at. The idea that a capable vehicle can't include the modern features that make driving enjoyable needs to step aside because the Titan finds a good middle ground on all of it. Offering a heated steering wheel, heated and cooled front seats, and many more upscale features, you can maintain comfort while helping a friend move his furniture between apartments.

Cargo Solutions done Right

If there is only one thing that we can say the Titan does amazingly, we would say it is their storage solutions; it offers a nearly ridiculous amount of places to put things. From the oversized center console to the lockable under-seat storage, you are sure to be able to find room for whatever you need, although it might be hard to remember where you put it all because there are so many different choices.

The versatile rear bench can be flipped up for a storage box or flat loading floor, or can be folded down to be a flat area for whatever you want to use it for. There is even a "rear seat delete" option that lets you take out the entire bench and replace it with tie-down hooks with a flat-load floor. The versatility really adds to the true capabilities of the Titan.

Sufficient Engine Power

New Nissan Titan Review

Our average American finds this truck to be just powerful enough for what they might need. If you fall in the portion of Americans that aren't average, as in you are towing heavy machinery, farm equipment, or construction equipment, you are looking in the wrong segment, start looking at heavy-duty trucks. The Titan is certainly capable, but is marketed more towards the DIY family who is determined to do their own home improvements and backyard construction projects. When you want to tow an ATV rather than a trailer or flatbed, the Titan is more than capable. Putting it into the numbers, the Titan can two up to 9,740 pounds, and has a max payload capacity of 1,950 pounds. The Titan XD ups that to 11,380 with its gas-powered V8, while the diesel option can tow up to 12,640 pounds, maxing out its payload capacity to 2,910 pounds.

A Distinguished Look, albeit familiar...

Nissan redesigned the exterior of the Titan to cut back on the SUV design elements that it previously drew from. The Titan now looks more like a classic pickup, probably because it looks like it drew elements from the Ford F-150. The new grille is boldly designed, the headlights assert dominance over whatever you lay ahead of it, and the overall design features a stronger look than it previously had. There are several appearance-altering packages that can give the Titan a unique appearance, distinguishing itself from the major players already in the market.

How we see it

While it is difficult to enter a pickup truck into the market, the Nissan Titan and Titan XD are impressive vehicles in their own rights. The average driver will appreciate all of the comfort that is added to this pickup while it provides the power that they need. We know the "hardcore" pickup truck fans won't recognize this invader because it bears the Nissan brand rather than Ford, Chevy, or Ram, but the Titan worth considering when deciding which pickup is right for you.

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