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What To Do If The "Check Engine" Light Goes On

By Consumer Reports 
Ignoring a check engine light could cause damage to expensive parts and lead to auto repair. It could also mean your car is getting poor fuel economy and emitting higher levels of pollutants. You're driving along in your car or truck and suddenly a yellow light illuminates on your dash telling you to check or service your engine. If you're like most car owners, you have little idea about what that light is trying to tell you or exactly how you should react.

Call it the most misunderstood indicator on your dashboard, the "check engine" light can mean many different things, from a loose gas cap to a seriously misfiring engine. "It doesn't mean you have to pull the car over to the side of the road and call a tow truck. It does mean you should get the car checked out as soon as possible," says Dave Cappert of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a Virginia-based organization that tests and certifies auto technicians.

Ignore the warning, and you could end up damaging expensive components. It also can be a sign that your car is getting poor fuel economy and emitting higher levels of pollutants.

Let us check your battery's health for free.

Did you know that batteries normally have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years maximum?  The goal being replace your battery BEFORE you have problems. Stop in Larry Miller Nissan in Highlands Ranch, for auto service and repair in Denver.

Your car battery is dependent on three components; your alternator, starter, and battery terminals. An old battery may not offer any obvious symptoms, but can have a negative impact on the parts depending on it, and slowly be adding additional auto repairs on your engine.  

Give yourself some peace of mind-- We sell batteries starting at $95.00 installed.

Are you braking with worn brakes?

Most cars will tell the world, when brake repair is overdue, with the shrill squeal of worn down brake-pads resonating while you apply the brakes. Don't ignore the sound, your braking is less effective and additional damage may be done to the brake rotors the longer you drive without auto repair. 

Safe Drivers Do Their P.A.R.T.

-- Check your tire pressure monthly to improve wear, ensuring safe and predictable handling and maximize fuel economy.

ALIGNMENT -- Keep your vehicle's suspension in good working order.  Misalignment can cause abnormal wear on your tires, and is not generally covered by the manufacture warranty.

ROTATION -- Regularly rotate your tires on scheduled maintenance intervals.

TREAD -- Keep your tires and wheels balanced.  Give your tires a visual check every so often for uneven wear or signs of damage.  Watch the road to avoid potholes, curbs, spinning, and hard cornering.

Oil is your Engine's Lifeblood

Don't put off changing your vehicle's oil! Issues with oil can be the most common and potentially costly auto repair problem.

We use only the best for your oil change in Denver: Valvoline. Keep your car in good condition and it will be road worthy for years to come, and not to mention the added benefit of increasing re-sale value.  All maintenance performed by Certified Auto Technicians are recorded in CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. Being able to credit a well-maintained history may make your vehicle easier to sell.

Click here to learn why it's so important to get an oil change and schedule an appointment today!

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Hi! I'm Joey Guajardo, Service Manager for Larry H. Miller Nissan. I would like to personally invite you to visit our new state-of-the art Service Center located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, just off C-470 & Lucent Blvd.

Let our hand-picked team of Certified Nissan Technicians, at Larry H. Miller Nissan of Highlands Ranch, show you their expertise and their ability to work efficiently to meet your busy schedule. Our auto repair team works quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road. Looking for a reliable car repair service center in Highlands Ranch? Visit our auto shop at 1320 Plum Valley Lane in Highlands Ranch or call us at 866-524-4682. 



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