Are You Braking with Worn Brake Pads?
Most cars will tell the world, when brake repair is overdue, with the shrill squeal of worn down brake-pads resonating while you apply the brakes. Don't ignore the sound, your braking is less effective and additional damage may be done to the brake rotors the longer you drive without repair.  

When we change your oil, we will Rotate your tires and that is the ideal time for our Nissan Technicians to check the condition of your vehicles brake pads. Be safe on the roads.

If you have questions about brake repair or you're not sure what the noise on your car means, give us a call today!

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Sounds Like You Need Brake Service

The certified technicians at Larry H. Miller Nissan will check your brakes for wear and tear. If you experience the following brake issues, please stop by our dealership so we can provide a proper diagnosis of your brakes:

  • Squealing or grinding when applying the brakes
  • Taking longer to slow down or come to a complete stop
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side of the street as you apply brakes
  • Brake pedal "pulsates" when you push it
  • Clicking noise when you press the brake
  • Experience excessive drag during accelerations 
  • The "ABS" light is illuminated on the dashboard

These are only some of the issues you may experience if your vehicle needs brake repair. Don't wait to schedule brake repair. 

Denver Brake Service & Repair
Larry H. Miller Nissan is a full-service dealership offering Denver brake repair & service. For Denver brake repair, visit our certified technicians for complete service. We will provide a full inspection of your vehicle, offer a diagnosis and a repair plan that works with your budget and schedule

Our waiting area is stocked with leather chairs and couches, while free WiFi allows you to connect to work, school or fun from your laptop, tablet or phone. 

See why thousands of people in the Denver metro area choose Larry Miller Nissan for all their auto needs. We're one of the best Nissan dealerships in Denver, making our mission to provide the best service, pricing and family-friendly environment. 

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