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Nissan Check Engine Light


Why is my "Check Engine" light glowing?

Check to see if unscrewing and re-screwing your gas cap makes the light go out.  If it does not you may have an engine problem.  The check engine light is reserved for powertrain problems that may affect the emissions system of your vehicle. 

Have you noticed that your car is getting fewer miles to the gallon? If your car is getting less fuel economy than you are accustomed to, it may also be emitting higher levels of pollutants in to our air. It is advised to not ignore a check engine light because it may cause damage to expensive parts or your engine systems. 

Get your car checked out as soon as possible by a reliable Service Center capable of troubleshooting problems with a vehicle's On Board Diagnostic system.

Don't ignore a simple warning. Your engine is alerting you of an issue. If you have a question about your engine light, come visit us today!


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