Oil is Your Engine's Lifeblood
Keep your car in good condition and it will be road worthy for years to come, and not to mention the added benefit of increasing re-sale value.  All maintenance performed by Certified Auto Technicians are recorded in CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. Being able to credit a well-maintained history may make your vehicle easier to sell. With Oil Change packages available to keep your car well maintained for a full year, there is no reason to look anywhere else. If you're in the market for an oil change in Highlands Ranch, the swing by our dealership at 1320 Plum Valley Lane in Highlands Ranch.

How does an oil change lengthen your vehicles life?
With each oil change, you are helping to regulate the engine's operating temperature, and ensure proper lubrication. As a vehicle engine operates, microscopic engine wear particles are picked up by the oil and transported to the filter.  Fresh high-quality oil absorbs engine heat and is better able to absorb and transport engine wear particulate. 

Each oil change ensures that engine wear particles are removed. The changing of a vehicle's oil, hence the removal of engine "sludge" (degraded engine oil, engine wear particles, and dirt) helps to maintain peak engine operating efficiency, and fresh high quality engine oil is better able to reduce engine friction and absorb engine heat.

What is the role of engine oil in boosting fuel economy?
Basically Motor oil is the lubricant for your car's engine.  Old oil loses it's lubrication effect on the moving parts of your vehicle's engine. Therefore with more friction, created by the moving engine parts while driving, results in a negative impact on fuel economy.
Use your owner's manual as the authority on how often to change your oil. 
Refer to your owner's manual, or a qualified Nissan Technician to tell you how many miles you can drive (or how many months, if you don't drive your car much) between each oil change.

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